Real Action Needed Against Ludicrous Tuition Increase!

an open letter to students of University of Alberta

In this fight against tuition increases, we students expect our representatives to be the sharp end of the spear. However, it appears that SU politicians are only sharp at rearranging their org chart. The recently unveiled letter-writing campaign amounts to too little, too late. These tuition hikes are the greatest financial imposition on students in years. The gross outrage we should be showing is manifesting slowly, in comparisons of President Samarasekera's salary to U.S. President Obama's, or Provost/VP (academic) Carl Amrhein's daily wage to the average student's monthly wage, in comments wondering when people at the top will start taking cuts in their bonuses, and in the voices calling for a tuition strike. A plan is required, but it cannot be the empty sloganeering and meaningless compromise that we are accustomed to. The response must come directly from students. And just as the administration shows no restraint in its assault, so must we show no restraint in reacting.

We've been passive for too long and it's to our detriment. Our apparent apathy is proving to the administration that they can make decisions without regard to the impact on students. We are setting a dangerous precedent for the future.

Many students have already realized that waiting for the politicians is waiting to be let down. Appealing to the very people who created this situation is asking our captors to remove our chains. Students right now are lacking a framework, but we can create our own framework. We don't have have to wait for one to materialize.

Interested in action? We are only as strong as our fellows. Become a part of the Student Worker Action Group.

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