Tuition Increases

If you haven't heard about the tuition increases coming up this year, get on it! $550 per student as an added "not technically tuition" fee is U of A's way of bailing out for previous poor decisions. The introduction of market modifiers in programs with a more direct degree-to-career connection may make the difference between straining the finances and dropping out entirely.

Where is this money going? We've bravely waded through the University's opaque financials of the past ten years, and we uncovered some information about how it is we are getting these unprecedented fee increases, what trends have been leading up to this and why.

Know Your Rights!

We know what it's like to get walked all over at work, to know that something is not quite right or legal, yet to find ourselves without the power to stop it. And that pisses us off. At the very least, the bosses should be able to follow the laws that overwhelmingly work in their favor. But they don't, and it's up to us to stand up for what limited rights and control we do have on the job. So, during the Winter 2008 semester, SWAG organized a series of workshops aimed at educating students about their rights at work. And we made a booklet! Click [coming soon!] to download, or contact us if you'd like us to send you a free copy or two.

We also held a workshop on tenants' rights, since we know lots of people get screwed just as much by their landlord as by their boss. Student Legal Services helped us out on this one. Click here for a list of good resources.

Since you just can't find some of the best books out there at Chapters, think about attending this year's Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair. You certainly don't have to be an anarchist to enjoy the great variety of books and other materials or to check out one of the awesome presentations.

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